Body Boarding on My First Day

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I’m in California now.  I love to bodyboard! Whenever I go to California body boarding and surfing are my favourite things to do because I get to paddle out and catch waves with my dad. I love when I catch a wave that’s really glassy and lasts a long time.

We wear wetsuits so we stay warm in the cool water. The waves are different every day. Sometimes they are huge but sometimes they’re small. I like the waves that are 5 to 6 feet tall and not too steep. Sometimes I catch a wave and I fall off and get sucked under the water. I’m always ok though.

My dad is a really good surfer. He catches the biggest wave in site and does big carves and turns.  Three years ago my dad  snapped a longboard and his short board in the same day. It was crazy!

I  swim out and use my GoPro to film my dad and my uncle surfing.  When I was a little kid my dad would pull me out to where the waves are breaking and he would push me into waves. I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it and it was pretty fun.  My dad is my hero and I look up to him.  I will be talking more about these topics during my three week holiday in California.


10 thoughts on “Body Boarding on My First Day

  1. Hi Evan
    I also love to body board but I have never been body boarding in California I have always done it in Mexico I love the feeling of when you catch a big wave and you curve side to side. I have been to California a couple times but I have never been to the beach. Are you doing anything else in California.

    Happy Blogging ,Braxton

    • Hi Braxton,
      It’s cool that we have things in common like body boarding. I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico and surf the waves on the Pacific Ocean side. I will be posting more about snorkeling and some of my days later on in my trip.
      Happy blogging, Evan

  2. Hello Evan,

    Your in California!! Lucky! I was there 2 years ago when I went to DisneyLand! I knew that you liked to surf but not bodyboarding. I have never tried bodyboarding but it looks fun. 6 feet waves! That would be so fun. I can’t wait for more posts from your trip!

    Have a wonderful day!


    • Hi Jack,
      That’s cool you went to California to. I’ve been to Disney land twice but it’s kind of boring because I’m older now. I will be posting more on snorkeling and other adventures on my trip.
      Have a good day,

  3. Hey Evan,
    Surfing and body boarding sounds very fun! i’d like to start as well. Looking forward to more Cali posts. Do you have any tips and pointers for beginner surfer/paddle boarders?

    • Hey Trey,
      Body boarding and surfing is very fun. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I will be posting more about snorkelling and other adventures during my trip. Here are some pointers for starting bodyboarding and surfing. Make sure you are a confedent swimmer and start on small waves. Watch the waves before you go surfing and know were to surf.

      Happy blogging, Evan

  4. Hi Evan,
    Your in California. Lucky! The last time I went was like ten years ago when I went to Disneyland but I couldn’t go on many rides. I have never tried body boarding but it seems fun. 6 foot waves are really big. Have fun in California.

    • Hi James,
      That’s cool that you have gone to California too. I know lots of people that have gone there. I will be writing more posts soon.

      Happy blogging

  5. Hello Evan,
    Its sounds like you had a good time so far. Have you visited Disney Land? I have never surfed before, but I have body boarded in Tofino, at the beach. When I went, there wasn’t that big of waves, but it was still awesome. I love the waves that bring you all the way back to the shore, and along the way you get to curve side to side! After I went body boarding it was really windy, so I was freezing!
    I cant believe you are going to California for three whole weeks! Your trip to California sounds really fun and I hope you have a good rest of your time there, so goodbye and have a awesome day!
    Sincerely, Abbey

    • Hi Abbey,
      I have been to Disney land before but I won’t be going this time. I also have body boarded in Tofino and it was freezing. I will be writing more posts about my adventures during my trip.

      Happy blogging

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