Alphabet of Christmas

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Hello bloggers,

This is a post I made about the Christmas alphabet.


A is for Angels, appearing so bright and beautiful.

B is for Bells, ringing loud on Santa’s sleigh.

C is for Celebrate, on Christmas eve.

D is for Decorations on the Christmas tree.

E is for Elves who build the toys.

F is for Frosty the snow man.

G is for Give presents on Christmas day.

H is for Holiday during Christmas.

I is for Ice skating in the winter.

J is for a Jolly Christmas spirit.

K is for Krampus who will take your presents.

L is for Lights to decorate your home.

M is for Merry Christmas everyone.

N is for Noel, Christmas in french.

O is for Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree

P is for Plum pudding.

R is for Reindeer flying Santa’s sleigh.

S is for Santa who delivers your presents.

T is for Tinsel on my Christmas tree.

U is for Unwrap presents on Christmas day.

V is for Vacation on Christmas.

W is for Workshop were the elves work.

X is for Xmas, an abbreviation for Christmas.

Y is for Yule log, which is sometimes burned in a fire.

Z is for Zebra, I want one for Christmas.


Do you have any thing you especially want this Christmas.  Tell me.


2 thoughts on “Alphabet of Christmas

  1. Hi Evan!

    I loved this blog post and really enjoyed reading it! This is the first time I have ever seen a Christmas alphabet. I found it fascinating to read what you would pick for each letter, especially the Z for Zebra because you want one for Christmas haha! Do you really want a Zebra and why? I would really like a new Driver to put in my golf bag. I hope we both get what we want!

    Best wishes!

    • Hi Lucas,
      Thank you for reading my blog post about the Christmas Alphabet. It was hard to find something for letters like X, Y and Z. It would be cool to have a Zebra but Its not what I want most. I am Guessing you like playing golf. I play golf to.

      Happy blogging!

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