Death In space: Death by Cracked Helmet

Hey bloggers,

Recently in class we wrote a paragraph about a video called Death In Space.

In space you can die a lot of ways.  One of the ways you can die is if your helmet cracks. 


Sally had just landed on the newly discovered planet.  She was so exited to go explore and find some cool things like rocks.  Rocks from other planets are very valuable.  Sally set of and started exploring.  She had found a lot of neat rocks but the one she had in her sight was unbelievable. Sally tried to pick it up but it would not budge.  Sally who wanted that rock badly tried so hard then the rock came loose and hit Sally right in the face and cracked her helmet.  That was the last of her days.

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

A Harris Burdick Mystery: A Strange Day in July

Image result for strange day in july  The young boy Andrew and his younger sister Amy strutted down the pathway to the little pond.  Andrew and Amy’s favorite thing to do is skip rocks on spare time.  Amy skipped one rock and it hit the water eight times.  ” Beet that” said Amy to Andrew.  Andrew threw two rocks and the hit the water softly seven times each.  ”AW” said Andrew. He took one last throw. He threw with all his might but the third stone came skipping back. The black stone sank to the muddy bottom. ”Oh my gosh” they said.  Ever since that day the pond has never been the same.  

Alphabet of Christmas

Christmas Wreath Brian Holland via Compfight


Hello bloggers,

This is a post I made about the Christmas alphabet.


A is for Angels, appearing so bright and beautiful.

B is for Bells, ringing loud on Santa’s sleigh.

C is for Celebrate, on Christmas eve.

D is for Decorations on the Christmas tree.

E is for Elves who build the toys.

F is for Frosty the snow man.

G is for Give presents on Christmas day.

H is for Holiday during Christmas.

I is for Ice skating in the winter.

J is for a Jolly Christmas spirit.

K is for Krampus who will take your presents.

L is for Lights to decorate your home.

M is for Merry Christmas everyone.

N is for Noel, Christmas in french.

O is for Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree

P is for Plum pudding.

R is for Reindeer flying Santa’s sleigh.

S is for Santa who delivers your presents.

T is for Tinsel on my Christmas tree.

U is for Unwrap presents on Christmas day.

V is for Vacation on Christmas.

W is for Workshop were the elves work.

X is for Xmas, an abbreviation for Christmas.

Y is for Yule log, which is sometimes burned in a fire.

Z is for Zebra, I want one for Christmas.


Do you have any thing you especially want this Christmas.  Tell me.