My Young Entrepreneur Survey: Candles

Hi everyone,

I need some advice on my candles.  I would appreciate if you gave me some feedback so I can improve my candles in every way!

At our school we are doing a Young Entrepreneur fair and I am making candles.  I am making candles in shells, jars and on there own.  I will be adding nice essential oil smells to my candles.


Death In space: Death by Cracked Helmet

Hey bloggers,

Recently in class we wrote a paragraph about a video called Death In Space.

In space you can die a lot of ways.  One of the ways you can die is if your helmet cracks. 


Sally had just landed on the newly discovered planet.  She was so exited to go explore and find some cool things like rocks.  Rocks from other planets are very valuable.  Sally set of and started exploring.  She had found a lot of neat rocks but the one she had in her sight was unbelievable. Sally tried to pick it up but it would not budge.  Sally who wanted that rock badly tried so hard then the rock came loose and hit Sally right in the face and cracked her helmet.  That was the last of her days.

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Where I Live

live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Canada is the best place on Earth.  Canada is so beautiful and has a lot of different land forms like Prairie and the Rocky Mountain Range. I live in a small town by the name of Comox.  There are a lot of great things in Comox like…Image result for puntledge river  

The Puntledge River is one of my favorite places in the Comox Valley.  The river starts in the mountains and flows in to Comox Lake and the flows out of the lake and in to the ocean.  the river is home to many fish species like Pink, Chum, Spring, Coho and some rare Sockeye salmon.  Also trout like rainbow and Cutthroat.  I  love to go fishing at the river during the salmon run in fall.  I like to swim in the river in the summer.  I walk up the river and float down in the current.  I look for Crayfish and watch the salmon swim past me.

Another one of my favorite places is Mount Washington.  I like skiing there in the winter. Skiing is one of my favorite sports.  My mom and dad taught my how to ski as a young kid and my dream is to go to the Olympics in freestyle skiing.  My dad is a very good skier and so is my mom.  My dad can do back flips, front flips and go of big cliffs.  I can do tricks like 360’s And I want to try a front flip.

One of my favorite  things to do in the valley is mountain biking. There’s lots of places to mountain bike like Cumberland, Northeast Woods and Mount Washington me my brother and My Dad are the only people there mountain bike in our Family.  I also Mountain Bike at Mount Washington. They have a lot of fun trails.  My favorite trail in Cumberland is called Found Link.  It is smooth, fast and has a fun drop off.

The Ocean is a very important part of my life.  Lots of things My Family eat are from the ocean like Salmon, Halibut and Sable Fish.  I live on an Island so I am surrounded by Ocean.  My Dad has two boats for Commercial Fishing witch means he catches fish to sell.  We catch things like Prawns, Shrimp, Crab and salmon.  I also surf at a Beach near my house when its windy.

I am so lucky to live in the best place on Earth!

A Harris Burdick Mystery: A Strange Day in July

Image result for strange day in july  The young boy Andrew and his younger sister Amy strutted down the pathway to the little pond.  Andrew and Amy’s favorite thing to do is skip rocks on spare time.  Amy skipped one rock and it hit the water eight times.  ” Beet that” said Amy to Andrew.  Andrew threw two rocks and the hit the water softly seven times each.  ”AW” said Andrew. He took one last throw. He threw with all his might but the third stone came skipping back. The black stone sank to the muddy bottom. ”Oh my gosh” they said.  Ever since that day the pond has never been the same.  

Alphabet of Christmas

Christmas Wreath Brian Holland via Compfight


Hello bloggers,

This is a post I made about the Christmas alphabet.


A is for Angels, appearing so bright and beautiful.

B is for Bells, ringing loud on Santa’s sleigh.

C is for Celebrate, on Christmas eve.

D is for Decorations on the Christmas tree.

E is for Elves who build the toys.

F is for Frosty the snow man.

G is for Give presents on Christmas day.

H is for Holiday during Christmas.

I is for Ice skating in the winter.

J is for a Jolly Christmas spirit.

K is for Krampus who will take your presents.

L is for Lights to decorate your home.

M is for Merry Christmas everyone.

N is for Noel, Christmas in french.

O is for Ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree

P is for Plum pudding.

R is for Reindeer flying Santa’s sleigh.

S is for Santa who delivers your presents.

T is for Tinsel on my Christmas tree.

U is for Unwrap presents on Christmas day.

V is for Vacation on Christmas.

W is for Workshop were the elves work.

X is for Xmas, an abbreviation for Christmas.

Y is for Yule log, which is sometimes burned in a fire.

Z is for Zebra, I want one for Christmas.


Do you have any thing you especially want this Christmas.  Tell me.


Stingrays and Rays

Southern Eagle Ray - Myliobatis australisCreative Commons License Sylke Rohrlach via Compfight

My family and I love to surf and play in the shallow water and waves in southern California. Sting rays and rays like the bat ray live in California.

When my dad and I paddle out and wait for waves to catch, we can see bat rays in about nine feet of water, swimming around.  In the shallow water, there is a species of stingray called the round stingray. Stingrays and rays are different.  Stingrays can sting but rays only have barbs and can’t sting.

We have heard about people getting stung every once and a while. My dad, brother, and I where surfing on a very small-wave day. My dad walked out to push my brother into a wave and then he said he thought something bit him on the toe and it hurt.  We kept surfing for about one hour and then we got back to our place and we realized he got stung.

The cure is hot water – as hot as you can handle.  The poison is a neurotoxin that can be fought off with hot water.  Because the poison had time to set in, he said it started to get worse. After about forty minutes in the hot water, he said it got better and there was no effect after that.

A few days later we were out surfing and I saw my mom carrying my sister into the beach.  I wondered what was wrong so I caught a wave into the beach.  My sister was crying and there was blood dripping from under her foot.  We knew she was stung, so we went up and put her foot in hot water.  She said it felt better right away and she is back to normal now.

Have you ever had any encounters like this in nature?












Brandon Semenuk

Brandon Semenuk is a professional mountain biker. He competes in big mountain bike competitions like Red Bull Rampage and Crankworks and the FMB (Freeride Mountain Bike) world mountain bike tour. Brandon is 26 years of age and six feet and one inch tall. He is very good at rally car racing and he has been sponsored for mountain biking since he was 7 years old. He is a pro at freeride, down hill and slopestyle but he started as a cross country rider when he was young.


Brandon uses the thinking trait to think about the speed he needs to hit jumps and how far he will go. If he goes too far he will over shoot the landing of the jump but if he doesn’t go far enough he will case (hit the back of the landing) the jump. Choosing the right line when mountain biking is very important because speed and endurance is on the line when racing.


Brandon is very industrious in mountain biking. He makes money and has a lot of fun mountain biking. He has a successful YouTube channel and has made a lot of great films about mountain biking and having fun doing cool things like street BMX riding. Brandon has a movie called Rad Company. It’s about him and his friends mountain biking and building jumps to ride.

Risk taking

Brandon Semenuk takes lots of risks when he is mountain biking like some of the Raw 100 second clips that are very professional looking descending down a crazy, slippery, dirty slope and big mountains. It must be scary going down huge drops and hitting huge jumps like Brandon does when he competes and free rides with his friends. Brandon took a big risk when he was 16 at Red Bull Rampage 2008 and he won. It was such a risk because of his young age.

I hope Brandon continues mountain biking, competing in big mountain competitions and be one of the worlds best mountain bikers.

Do you have a favourite mountain biker?




My Trip to Anza Borrego

A fallen rock in the Slot Canyon

Cholla cacti in the hot sun

My family and I drove out to Anza Borrego State Park in the Colorado Desert.  I don’t know why it’s called the Colorado Desert when it’s in California?

We left our place in Encinitas and we started driving.  We stopped in a small town called Julien for breakfast.  Julien is famous for its apple pie and has been a town since 1870.  We had some apple pie and then left for the desert.

When we got to Borrego Springs we stopped at a fun Visitor Center and we looked at some cool animal furs like cougars and bobcats.  We got to hold them and touch then carefully.  We asked where we could go for a hike and the Slot Canyon was suggested (picture on the top).

We walked down a sketchy slope and entered the canyon.  The canyon is a flash flood path during rain falls. It’s made of compressed dirt and sandstone. Some parts of the canyon look like they will fall any second and crush you. The canyon was about 20 meters deep in some spots. It was nice in the canyon because it’s was 32 degrees outside and it is shady in the canyon so you could get away from the blistering heat.

On the way home we stopped at a cool place on the side of the road where there were big rocks and cool cacti like this cholla cactus (picture on the bottom). We walked along the hot gray rocks and the dry grass watching for rattle snakes under the plants. When we got back to Encinitas it felt colder. Later that night we went out for Mexican food.  It was a fun day!

Have you ever been to the desert?


Snorkelling at La Jolla Cove

Splash! My family and I jump in the water to snorkel at La Jolla Cove  (la hoya) in Southern California, near San Diego. La Jolla Cove is famous for seals, sea lions and Garibaldi fish.  At La Jolla Cove you can see Garibaldi, sea bass, surf perch and lots of seals and sea lions.

My dad and I were swimming around and a seal jumped in the water and we watched it swim away from us.  In this picture you can see a beautiful bright orange Garibaldi fish swimming along the reef with the long eel grass waving in the tide. The Garibaldi is the state fish of California and it is protected in La Jolla Cove.

I will write more blog posts soon! What is the coolest fish you’ve ever seen?


Body Boarding on My First Day

Ipanema Beach surf alobos Life via Compfight


I’m in California now.  I love to bodyboard! Whenever I go to California body boarding and surfing are my favourite things to do because I get to paddle out and catch waves with my dad. I love when I catch a wave that’s really glassy and lasts a long time.

We wear wetsuits so we stay warm in the cool water. The waves are different every day. Sometimes they are huge but sometimes they’re small. I like the waves that are 5 to 6 feet tall and not too steep. Sometimes I catch a wave and I fall off and get sucked under the water. I’m always ok though.

My dad is a really good surfer. He catches the biggest wave in site and does big carves and turns.  Three years ago my dad  snapped a longboard and his short board in the same day. It was crazy!

I  swim out and use my GoPro to film my dad and my uncle surfing.  When I was a little kid my dad would pull me out to where the waves are breaking and he would push me into waves. I didn’t like it at first but I got used to it and it was pretty fun.  My dad is my hero and I look up to him.  I will be talking more about these topics during my three week holiday in California.