Death In space: Death by Cracked Helmet

Hey bloggers,

Recently in class we wrote a paragraph about a video called Death In Space.

In space you can die a lot of ways.  One of the ways you can die is if your helmet cracks. 


Sally had just landed on the newly discovered planet.  She was so exited to go explore and find some cool things like rocks.  Rocks from other planets are very valuable.  Sally set of and started exploring.  She had found a lot of neat rocks but the one she had in her sight was unbelievable. Sally tried to pick it up but it would not budge.  Sally who wanted that rock badly tried so hard then the rock came loose and hit Sally right in the face and cracked her helmet.  That was the last of her days.

Death in Space from Thomas Lucas on Vimeo.

Where I Live

live in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  Canada is the best place on Earth.  Canada is so beautiful and has a lot of different land forms like Prairie and the Rocky Mountain Range. I live in a small town by the name of Comox.  There are a lot of great things in Comox like…Image result for puntledge river  

The Puntledge River is one of my favorite places in the Comox Valley.  The river starts in the mountains and flows in to Comox Lake and the flows out of the lake and in to the ocean.  the river is home to many fish species like Pink, Chum, Spring, Coho and some rare Sockeye salmon.  Also trout like rainbow and Cutthroat.  I  love to go fishing at the river during the salmon run in fall.  I like to swim in the river in the summer.  I walk up the river and float down in the current.  I look for Crayfish and watch the salmon swim past me.

Another one of my favorite places is Mount Washington.  I like skiing there in the winter. Skiing is one of my favorite sports.  My mom and dad taught my how to ski as a young kid and my dream is to go to the Olympics in freestyle skiing.  My dad is a very good skier and so is my mom.  My dad can do back flips, front flips and go of big cliffs.  I can do tricks like 360’s And I want to try a front flip.

One of my favorite  things to do in the valley is mountain biking. There’s lots of places to mountain bike like Cumberland, Northeast Woods and Mount Washington me my brother and My Dad are the only people there mountain bike in our Family.  I also Mountain Bike at Mount Washington. They have a lot of fun trails.  My favorite trail in Cumberland is called Found Link.  It is smooth, fast and has a fun drop off.

The Ocean is a very important part of my life.  Lots of things My Family eat are from the ocean like Salmon, Halibut and Sable Fish.  I live on an Island so I am surrounded by Ocean.  My Dad has two boats for Commercial Fishing witch means he catches fish to sell.  We catch things like Prawns, Shrimp, Crab and salmon.  I also surf at a Beach near my house when its windy.

I am so lucky to live in the best place on Earth!