My Trip to Anza Borrego

A fallen rock in the Slot Canyon

Cholla cacti in the hot sun

My family and I drove out to Anza Borrego State Park in the Colorado Desert.  I don’t know why it’s called the Colorado Desert when it’s in California?

We left our place in Encinitas and we started driving.  We stopped in a small town called Julien for breakfast.  Julien is famous for its apple pie and has been a town since 1870.  We had some apple pie and then left for the desert.

When we got to Borrego Springs we stopped at a fun Visitor Center and we looked at some cool animal furs like cougars and bobcats.  We got to hold them and touch then carefully.  We asked where we could go for a hike and the Slot Canyon was suggested (picture on the top).

We walked down a sketchy slope and entered the canyon.  The canyon is a flash flood path during rain falls. It’s made of compressed dirt and sandstone. Some parts of the canyon look like they will fall any second and crush you. The canyon was about 20 meters deep in some spots. It was nice in the canyon because it’s was 32 degrees outside and it is shady in the canyon so you could get away from the blistering heat.

On the way home we stopped at a cool place on the side of the road where there were big rocks and cool cacti like this cholla cactus (picture on the bottom). We walked along the hot gray rocks and the dry grass watching for rattle snakes under the plants. When we got back to Encinitas it felt colder. Later that night we went out for Mexican food.  It was a fun day!

Have you ever been to the desert?


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